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  1. Thanks for the lecture on backing up - I am certainly aware of the value of that.  There is no point in using Evernote for daily journaling and notetaking if I have to use a word processor first. I put this post here because I encrypted it on an iMac, so, to me it naturally it seemed to fit here.  I will try to be more specific in the future and not add frivolous details like being able to protect an entire notebook as an alternative.  

  2. I posted this earlier in a similar forum.  I use Evernote Premium.  And, loss of encrypted material on MAC just happened to me too. This is a FUNDAMENTAL FLAW. Had never tried encryption, so tried today - unfortunately I should have done on a very short, immaterial section of test.  


    I lost a very long written piece that I wanted to encrypt to keep private.  I encrypted the paragraphs, synced, and closed Evernote.  I then went to web Evernote to check it out. I hovered over the decrypt prompt, it told me my hint, and then, after typing a few characters in what I too thought was the prompt, I had overtyped the entire encrypted message.  It synced immediately, and when I returned to the MAC Version, it was gone.  I poked around in the file, nothing found.  Then I looked at the history.  Unfortunately, it had synced already, and the singular saved historical document was post loss of the encrypted text.  


    Evernote, this kind of sloppiness is really inexcusable.  There is evidently no way to get the old message back.  Why not, as MANY of us have asked for, just give us the ability to password protect a NOTEBOOK? And if you have a history function in premium that we pay for, why not allow it to go back 3 or 4 versions?  Of course, now, I know better.

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