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  1. Where can we post to suggest (Strongly Suggest) for Evernote to add the ability to format a screenshot / image ? Even if basic, but specially, crop and resize, is doing my head in... Thank You & God Bless
  2. OMG! Thank you!! I kept going there but selecting English from the spelling language list (since I had no idea what it said!)
  3. I was trying to add Spanish to the dictionary, as I always type in English and in Spanish as well and my Evernote. When I clicked Spanish, Evernote kill itself and relaunched in some weird language and now I can't get it back to English, I tried the help found in the forums and went back and clicked on English (I know it was English cause right above is the same word with UK next to it) but nothing happened. Example language/words: avainsana, palauta, tiedosto, muokkaa, please help! I don't want to go back to Notepad!
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