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  1. OK, that seems to have worked. Thanks!
  2. I have been using the "check for updates" function under the file menu in the Evernote app. I don't know if that goes through the App Store or directly to the Evernote.com website. In any case, after searching for people having similar problems, I deleted my old copy of Evernote, downloaded the app directly from the Evernote.com website, and reinstalled. No change.
  3. Yes, I already restarted the laptop.
  4. I upgraded to Evernote 6.05 for Mac OS this morning, and all of my notes have disappeared. They 're still on the server. I can see them if I log in via the web browser, and I can see them from my iPad, but they're gone from the standalone app on my laptop. I clipped an item from the web today and it shows up, but that's my only note that does. I deleted Evernote, downloaded it again from the Evernote website, and re-installed it, but that did not fix the problem.
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