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  1. i have problem too I lost my Google authenticator app. and Now When i want Sign in to my another Account I can't Recive SMS Code for sing in !!! I click on Bottom " sms code via phone number" but Not happening !!! please help me i have very important Info and file on my account.
  2. hi tnx my friend so can you help me about this? i don't know how can I recovery my account Beacuse Evernote has problem with sending SMS CODE !!!
  3. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/72821-enable-two-step-authentication-when-unable-to-receive-sms-message/ Is anybody in Forum or Support???????????
  4. up... heyyyy any body there here??? your support has problem in chat or ticket and in here on forum is't anybody?????????? https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79668-problem-with-recive-sms-code-in-two-step-authentication/
  5. Hello I have another user account. and I Enabled two step authentication before this. so Now when i want access to that , I need to Code from my Google Authenticator in my phone. . . . . Problem is right here::: I removed that app before this. and so now when I want Recive SMS Code via Mobile number, I can't Recive any sms or code from EVERNOTE on my mobile phone. So what can I do?? I have important Info on my another account . Please help me
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