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  1. iPhone 5, 64 GB. Available space 12 GB. iOS 8.1.2 I start the Evernote app and taps a note. The note opens, but it is empty. Nothing more happens. I cannot return to all my notes by taping the < sign. Finally, I receive an error message: Error The request timed out. [OK] When I tap the OK, nothing happens. The app is dead. I press the Home-key on my iPhone and return to Home-screen. When I tap the Evernote icon to start the once more, the app starts and I am back on the frozen screen I just left. From Home-screen on my iPhone, I have to close the app by double-clicking the Home-key and swipe the Evernote app upwards. Then I can give the app a fresh start. However, when I open a note, the note is still blank. Finally, I receive the same error message ("The request timed out.") Now I can tap OK and return to all my notes. When I try to start another note, the same thing happens. The note is empty and then I see the same error-message ("The request timed out.") Twice, I have deleted the entire app from my iPhone and reinstalled it. I have some information stored in Evernote that is important to me when I need it. My biggest concern now is that I no longer can trust the app. I really like the app so please help me restore my confidence in the Evernote app. Thanks! Carsten/Norway
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