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  1. I am having this problem as well in Firefox on Windows 10
  2. Hi Cal - Thank you for the suggestion. The FF Reader extension is ok, but doesn't enable clip to Evernote or highlighting. My typical workflow (with respect to Clearly) is, find article, decide i'm interested, I often used Cleraly just to de-clutter the page; but now as i'm reading, I highlight the key messages. This facilitates 2 things. FIrst, I can work in 1 environment - which saves a *huge* amount of time when I'm doing research; Second, I've done my initial evaluation of the article and by reading and highlighting I've also committed much to memory. So when I'm back in evernote, I generally can recall what articles I need and from the highlighting where to focus. This is how i've worked on both personal projects and projects for work. The time savings and easy of workflow is now simply broken. As with one of the prior comments mentioned - the ability to read and highlight (in the FF environment) is a key feature that I have not seen replaced. Any other suggestions? I'm open.
  3. I too am driven to write about the loss of the Clearly firefox add on. It's really frustrating when a tool that worked so perfectly is replaced by this sub-par copy now called "Simplified Article." I had been using Clearly until today, when I upgraded Firefox and firefox would no longer support this legacy add-on. I find it extremely disappointing that an app I used on a daily basis was retired without an equivalent or better substitute. The Evernote Web Clipper is fine for many things, but it's simplified article feature is well sub-par to the user experience (and readability) provided by Clearly. I also tried to use the original "Readable" but couldn't get that to function either. What ever the decision to discontinue Clearly, it was absolutely a step back for user experience.
  4. Problem remains unfixed with no recent response from Evernote staff?? not good.
  5. This is still unresolved in Evernote for WIndoes 5.8 - is there a Windows fix coming soon?
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