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  1. Thanks...yes, I can expand and see all documents within a stack ....I do not see a way on the iPad (IOS 8) to then search that list of documents....no search option in that view.
  2. I am actually on an iPad, this is my primary tool for using Evernote. i do. It see a way to select the stack and search. I can type "Stack:work keyword" each time....feels like there should be an easier way.
  3. I would like to only search a specific stack vs. everything in my Evernote. I see how to search a notebook, but I do not see a way to search an entire stack. Specifically trying to search my "work" stack and exclude all other stacks and individual notebooks. Also, I don't want a generic "saved" search as I don't see a way to customize the criteria each time (tried it with a notebook and did not see a way to edit the criteria so. It too helpful). I have a shared personal notebook and it keeps clogging up my search results....need guidance on how to narrow search to a stack and customize each time.
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