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  1. I seen that in papyrus you can only copy & paste from a downloaded PDF or from within the app. I need to be able to multiscreen and copy & paste directly from another app or directly from the web and then handwrite my annotations or thoughts. Its the fastest and simplest way for me to get my research done and prepare for my meetings. Most of my information is from a specific website and research app doesn't use PDF...I'm going to just suck up my loss and find a refurbished Note 8.0. In the meantime I'll check out that stylus you are using because I can at least handwrite.
  2. My other tablet and my phone are both Samsung Galaxy Notes so I've been using Papyrus for years. It doesn't work well with this 8.0 galaxy tab 3. So I'm curious about the stylus you speak of...I'll Google it. Are you able to copy and paste in papyrus and is that a premium feature? I would stick to S Note but the tab doesn't have S note capability.
  3. I was trying to figure out the same thing. Being able to hand write a note and add copy & paste items in that same note is easily done in Samsung's S note app for the Note tablets but I'm trying out a smaller lower end Samsung tablet and I'm finding that Evernote doesn't compare simply because it doesn't have that capability and if it does its cumbersome and difficult to find.
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