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  1. Cheers Gaz, I played around a bit today with it and noticed that if you edit a note the last used note type does in fact appear at the top of the screen next to the gray + sign & drop down list box. Now this may be just the widget embedded in the top menu bar? But it does the job. Also as a workaround I can use my SwiftKey key board and select the STT option from there which opens up the Google speech engine. I'm as happy as a pig in mud.
  2. Cheers gaz, but that's not my reality. Opening evernote after saving and closing a speech to text note I am presented with a list of existing notes. Selecting the plus icon opens the default set of note types. My question was can l change the default set to include the speech type.the widget does work fine but seems the only way to access that option.
  3. I have it on my s5 as well and can place a widget for it on the phone's home screens to open a note in speech to text moDe. Maybe I'm being greedy wanting a shortcut icon within evernote! However the engine ain't that flash-haven't used it long enough to either learn is language or it mine. I also have dragon dictate on a digital recorder so l will compare the two and comment back here. At least the dragon does purport to learn my accent. I note the s4/s5 internal speech to text engine is also pretty ordinary apart from really simple phrases or heaps of repetition.
  4. Opps just found search - it was or of view at top of screen. Will carry out due diligence and search for previous past on this query. :-)
  5. How do I add the speech to text icon to the note screen. I can create a widget to open a note in this mode but don't see how I can edit the default icons. I would have just read the (full)manual but I don't seem to be able to find one or an embedded help engine. Just lame verbose guides that aren't searchable have no toc or indexs or fast links. Didnt notice a search option for this forum actually. Is this a theme? Lol using androids version on s5. Thanks
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