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  1. Hi there ! Short: Would like to stop notifications about updates to Evernote, while app is disabled, uninstalled, forced stopped. Screen Caps Attached. I have a Tab S 10.5, Android 4.4.2 I do not use or want to use Evernote on my tablet. Longer version: I uninstalled all updates, disabled the application, force stopped it, cleared cache, documents, etc, and I still get reminders every 2-3 days about updates. Is there any way to stop these "update available" on an application that I have no intention of installing / using ? Please do not send me to Samsung, please do not suggest rooting. But if I must ... There must be a civilized way to stop the notification, and there must be more civilized ways to push EN on people. Evernote must know about this and there has to be a way to stop this nonsense update notification. I really don't care about EN whatsoever. Stop pestering me !!! Much appreciated !
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