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  1. While I am glad to see Evernote's clients evolving and like the direction, the ability to share to Evernote is so substantial that I don't understand why it's being neglected for so long. All the other applications manage to implement this feature; it shouldn't be so hard for Evernote.
  2. I was equally disappointed when it disappeared as I am now. And there was a similar thread in the discussion forum. The feature did not come back.
  3. Thank you for the pointer to Dropbox Paper. It resembles Markdown, and "---" acts as a separator in its presentation mode. Dropbox saved me when Evernote let me down.
  4. I am also missing a way to adjust the line-height. (And line-height should be consistent between editor and presentation mode.)
  5. Same problem (on iPhone). Sharing an item from the App Store seems to have triggered the problem. (Evernote continues to redirect back to the App Store.)
  6. Readability (and hence Font selection) is crucial for me. The default is not exactly bad, but I would like to have a choice and select what I think works best for my task. We're also talking about presentations. So, please add Font selection.
  7. On the Mac, there are three font sizes. Too few, but better than nothing. Sometimes I duplicate a note, select all, and then change the font size. It's not a smooth solution, though.
  8. Same thing here: Started premium because of presentation mode. At least we know it is not coming back and can look for alternatives. Very disappointing. (Presentation mode seems to have a very low priority, also on Windows.)
  9. Anything new about this feature request? A little more control of the presentation would be great. Font size is the most essential.
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