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  1. @Frank.dg unfortunately, Win XP. :D
  2. Wow, didn't expect to see so many discussions in just one day~ I have several notebooks, each given editing privileges to various number of friends, some friends of course would overlap. But so far no more than 5 people would be sharing/editing any given notebook. @Frank.dg yes, I thought it can't be done because I didn't find anywhere that says I can. After seeing your comment, I've borrowed a Free account from a friend of mine, but as I pressed my right-key when pointing to a notebook, no sharing option could be seen, not to mention editing. Could you show me how to "give one other person editing privileges within a shared notebook"? Thanks.
  3. Actually it's just a little suggestion or request, I'm currently a Premium user, only because a Free account could not allow me to share/edit mostly text notes among several friends. 1G space is already plenty for me, 4G from Premium is a lot more than I need. Therefore, may I humbly suggest a possible new account type with all of the functions of a Free account plus note editing among friends? If a Free account user could simply purchase for additional space, why not let sharing/edit be purchasable as well?
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