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  1. I would like to add my two penneth here as a new Evernote convert. I started to work with Evernote to collate all my Genealogy notes, certificates etc. I created a notebook for each family so that I could share these with people who were researching the same family, most often distant cousins and almost certainly people who don't know me well. It was such a good program, such a fantastic way of working that I was able to share a notebook with a cousin in Australia by email and we have been collaborating ever since. I quickly signed up to Evernote Pro, however, since the release of V6, I cannot get anybody else to collaborate with me and I couldn't understand why. I could only share a notebook from "Work Chat" and I wasn't sure thirds was working so I shared the notebook with one of my own alternate email addresses and this is the first line of text in the mail that I received - "Ian Davies sent you a chat in Evernote" - no I didn't I sent them a request to collaborate with me on our shared genealogy - only you didn't put that bit in the email. The people I am sending this two don't know me, we have probably only ever met online and exchanged some brief information and email addresses. I can't imagine their horror when they think I want to "chat online". Please, please, please bring back the old sharing, let me send them an email, with my own text, not whatever you decide to send on my behalf. They don't even get to see what I've typed in the chat window, they get a generic email with your marketing message. Why would you make this change its flipping awful..........and you are about to lose one of your newest customers. I may not be able to get this years subscriptions refunded, but I can make damn sure you don't get any more out of me. This ongoing thread should tell you (Evernote) something - your new work chat is not wanted, what is wanted is the old Apple Sharing menu.
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