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  1. Thanks gazumped. I do have a question - I am using the web interface; I do not have the evernote client installed on my PC. Could this be part of the problem? I checked the file name and it is correct, but it looks like it is being saved to my PC's temp folder. Sorry if I am being dense.
  2. Hi all, I have seen various threads on editing files saved in evernote, but none answered my specific question. I am trying to edit a password protected excel file saved in an Evernote note. I have excel installed on client PC. I enter password and the file opens. I click on "Enable Editing" in Excel. After I make a change, I save. When I re-open file in Evernote, changes are not reflected. Am I missing something basic? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks. Edit: I think I need to use a sync solution such as dropbox. For some reason I thought I wouldn't need to. If I do not need to use a third party synching solution, that would be great. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!
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