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  1. Hopefully this is not redundant. I have the same issue. After spending the better part of the mornign researching this I believe the EN note appendage "Conflicting modification on ..." is due to a specific EN note being changed on one device, then closing the device without having EN synch. FULL DISCLOSURE: I have yet to try this. Apparently the only solution is to: 1. Synch the first device 2. Correct any conflicts on the Primary note 3. Erase the "Conflicting modification" note appendages 4. Synch the first device 5. Rince, Repeat for the remaining devices. This seems incredibly time-consuming and exceptionally unecessary as I do not recall any messages warning me that I had not synched a device. Hopefully my attemot at this solution will work. I will follow up if it is successful.
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