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  1. Hopefully this is not redundant. I have the same issue. After spending the better part of the mornign researching this I believe the EN note appendage "Conflicting modification on ..." is due to a specific EN note being changed on one device, then closing the device without having EN synch. FULL DISCLOSURE: I have yet to try this. Apparently the only solution is to: 1. Synch the first device 2. Correct any conflicts on the Primary note 3. Erase the "Conflicting modification" note appendages 4. Synch the first device 5. Rince, Repeat for the remaining devices. This seems incredibly time-consuming and exceptionally unecessary as I do not recall any messages warning me that I had not synched a device. Hopefully my attemot at this solution will work. I will follow up if it is successful.
  2. @jefito RE: "You need to serialize your editing: open first device, sync from servers, edit a note, sync to servers, open other device, sync from servers, edit the note, sync to servers." I'm not certain I completely understand how this will resolve my problem. Let me state my understanding and please correct me if I am incorrect. I save my passwords in Evernote on three devices: laptop, iPhone, and iPad. I just now realized that there is an appended note - actually several, 5 to be exact - to my original EN note, stored on my laptop, that states the conflcting modification condition and the date of the occurance. After researching this condition I initially thought I would need to print out each conflicting note and then compare to find and resolve the conflicts. My concern was that the first note contained an incorrect listing for a website, coincidentlly the Evernote site; however based on these comments I must assume that I must have changed the password on one of my other devices, then closed the device thinking the EN program had synchronized. So, in my example, I will: 1. synch my laptop then print out the entire note with all 5 conflicts 2. correct all the conflicts in the Primary Note 3. erase the conflicting notes segments 4. synch the laptop 5. Synch the next device 6. correct all of the entries to the Primary Note 7. Cycle through remaining steps until all EN notes on all devices are corrected I'm sorry if this sounds pedantic, and I think I clarified this for myself after writing out my thought process, but if you coudl confirm or deny I would appreciate it.
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