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  1. Um, Jackolicious, there may be some under-the-hood overhauls that are a big step forward, but the UX is an unmitigated failure. Work Chat only makes sense in an environment where people are accustomed to having their train of thought interrupted on a whim for anybody's question, and even then it is a productivity-killer. Outside of those environments, people seriously resist any additional channel that they have to monitor that is one more source of chirping. The people with whom I work almost always have gate keepers expressly to avoid anything that remotely resembles chatting. They see Work Chat come across and drop it like it was contaminated. Sharing and Chatting are entirely different functions. I'm with Crufty - PLEASE get better User Interface people to fix this. On top of the Work Chat feature being a barrier to use for my clients who are unfamiliar to Evernote (it has been enough for some clients to refuse to adopt the tool), I have to have access to both my system's screen and my client's screen to manipulate things awkwardly and forcibly from both positions. I thought If I just switched clients to using one notebook and leveraged the tagging more extensively, we would only have to go through this hideous conversation once, but the tagging is all messed up, too. We keep getting error messages that only tags already in the notebook can used, so once they add a note, I can't do any of the administrative clean up and re-tagging to sort it out. I tried to change ownership, add authorship, a bunch of stuff and I'm struggling to find tactics around it. I'm losing a lot of time ***** around with this and it makes me look like an idiot in front of my clients, after I convinced them that the tool would be easy to understand. If anybody has figured out some work-arounds, I'm all ears.
  2. I do coaching and consulting in brand development. I ask all of my clients to use Evernote to collect samples when we begin to conceptualize a brand direction. I take the time to set them up, get web clipper set up, get them started, and work out the shared notebooks. This data is their data, not mine, and they should be able to share it and revoke sharing as they see fit. Often these notebooks are then shared with a graphic designer, web developer, etc. The recent changes have thrown my work into chaos. It is very difficult to talk a non-user through the set up and sharing process. Hell, it is baffling for me to do it myself! I hate the chat thing, and my clients freak out and balk as soon as that thing comes up. I, too, choose not to use Google tools for a reason. Now this has become impenetrable for a new user and I don't have the prowess to talk others through it. Can anybody tell me more about how note and/or notebook origination determines what edits are available now? I thought if I moved all of an individual's notes into one shared notebook per client, I could tag them more extensively, but the tagging is blocked for me, and I'm not going to ask clients to go re-tag all of their notes.
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