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  1. 1. Why are you here trolling others preferences? 2. Beyond preferences -- as a developer, I stare at the screen for 8 to 12 hours a day. Dark themes are a life (well, "eye") saver, preventing my eyes from drying out and losing my mind. This also allows for better contrast to see the main pointers more easily. 3. Paper is white? My bad, I didn't know that paper had a brightness and made up of lower-resolution pixels than "real-life resolution". You've never been to a movie theater, looked at the white screen before the movie started, and felt nothing -- then the movie plays, darkness for 20 minutes, then bright white light -- what does everyone do? They cover their eyes and squint, even painfully. If you haven't experienced this, you are not on the computer enough to know ;D which is not necessarily a bad thing ;p
  2. Charges money, still doesn't listen to our ideas after many years. One Note anyone?
  3. We don't want workarounds, we want a solution. Dark theme. Ty
  4. There is even a code button here!!! For the love of anything add this to Evernote itself!! Whenever I copy+paste from a dark theme, it doesn't add a gray background like below, so all I see is bright neon text, no lne numbers, and no font size/type adjustment like below. 100% identical to below would be awesome: * Code detection/selection (like below) * Line numbers (like below) * Font family change (like below) * Font size changed (like below) * Background changed (like below) * Each row slightly different shade for readability (like below). Everything 100% is below that we coders want already -- please implement // Shocked that this is here, but not in Evernote itselfvar msg = "Why is this here, but not in Evernote?";alert(msg);
  5. YES! THIS!!! Every time my cache gets cleared or I sign on another PC or online or whenever, this clutters my screen with nonsense. Why is there not a "skip" button AND a checkbox for "never show this again"? Why piss off the users that already have been using your product for ages?
  6. Hello World こんにちは世界 你好世界 Works fine .. I found out that you can't use windows sticky notes to copy to >> from ... I have no idea why, though. First time i've seen this incompatibility... still calling it a bug.
  7. Thanks, but I use windows. Both 7 and 8.1 have this issue. I can confirm that other apps show correctly.
  8. There's no way that Evernote is global, yet assumes everyone can speak/read/write only ONE language, right? I don't want to change my interface to Chinese.... but I want to be able to type/paste Chinese characters! How can I accomplish this..? There has to be something I'm missing, giving Evernote the benefit of the doubt............ Please do not tell me some workaround with tags.. I'd rather just give up and use Google Keep if that's the case. No subfolders, no dark theme, and no buttons for developers already pushed me to the line..
  9. Bump -- still not working for Windows. Clicking on highlight again will NOT remove highlight.
  10. I understand what you mean about tags but it's not very intuitive. Sometimes I forget the tag names and want to just visually see the hierarchy. I shouldn't have to use this method. Tags is for searching, not hierarchy.
  11. Hate to say it, but the better suggestion is try ANY other note app out there on the top of Google and it will, 100% without a doubt, have subfolders available. This is such a basic feature that even Windows 3.1's Explorer had. Until they get this, if you want any form of organization if you have more than, say, 5 notes, go elsewhere. No idea why this isn't implemented.... if it would confuse users, just add an option in settings to enable "advanced" features (cough). I really can't believe this isn't a feature, yet.
  12. Code can be really terrible when copy+pasting in Evernote. Esp. if it's a dark themed copy+paste (all we see is bright colors) in Evernote, since there's no dark theme... *cough, another request*. Please add the NOTE feature on the forum here to Evernote. ' Where is the CODE section in Evernote?If Not Evernote.HasFeature(Evernote.Code) MsgBox("It's 2015 and this still isn't a feature yet..?!")End If
  13. Bump for a key feature missing in Evernote .. DevelopmentVisual StudioVisual BasicC#Work-RelatedProjectsHR DocsMeetingsAndroid StudioGuidesProjectsTemplates...etc Missing this key feature strays me from Evernote to use other programs (that all seem to contain subfolder heirarchy's except Evernote)
  14. This was at the top of google for 'dark theme evernote' soo... bump Used because bright hurts my eyes, esp at night! Also, i'm a developer and use a dark theme .. so when I copy+paste, all the text is ridiculously bright that i can't see it! Like this:
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