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  1. Hey Guys. I was following this answer on akubuntu about how to configure wine. I was wondering if anybody could tell me the dll's or the things which I have to download. Thanks
  2. Hi guys. I was wondering how do you add new notebooks or some old standalone notebooks to an existing stack? I would extend this by the ability of creating a new stack. Is this feature there or is it available only in the windows app?
  3. Thanks gaz, but I have this doubt. Say that I import the whole folder. I will be able to edit those previous notes in addition to adding new ones to the respective notebooks right?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion jeff. I have backed up through both methods but I am lost on the part where I have to import my database to my newly installed evernote? Should I just copy and paste it to the appdata folder?
  5. Hi guys. I will be formatting my Acer ultrabook running on windows7 and I was wondering what is the best way in which I can backup all my things. I was reading this [1]Howtogeek article and I was wondering if Backing up my evernote database instead of exporting every single notebook will do the trick for me. I think I am being a little paranoid but I am not willing to take any chances should there be any problem when I try to sync the stuff in the servers to my laptop. Any suggestions ? [1](http://www.howtogeek.com/163349/how-to-backup-your-evernote-notebooks-just-in-case/)
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