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  1. Yeah, I purchased a month of Premium and recovered the proper formatting. I then used a file comparison program (after deleting all the markup using some regex) to find and rescue any modified content. It got me to upgrade - pretty clever if it was intentional Web and desktop versions show the same format error. I assume there was a bug on the web client and the error got synced to the desktop. Thank you both for your comments and suggestions!
  2. For some reason Evernote wasn't opening on my desktop so I edited a single note on Evernote web. Everything seemed ok on the web version, at least I don't recall any undesired changes. Today, a few days later and after a computer reboot, Evernote desktop opened fine. I opened the same note on the desktop that I previously edited on the browser and found that all the indentations on all the bulleted lists were gone, i.e. the bullets were all left aligned, top level items. Other notes look fine (that were not edited on the web). This is a loss of important information as sub items are now main bullet points and it would take hours to attempt to correct it. I have a basic account and don't have access to the history. Is there any way to recover this? Is this a bug that others have experienced? I am an experienced user and can almost guarantee that I did not select all text and remove indentation. Actually that would not produce the results I see - it would remove the bullets on the already top level bullets, which didn't happen. Thanks.
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