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  1. I also noticed that when adding notes from webpages on safari, you can no longer add tags. These missing features show a complete lack of understanding about how users manage their notes. If a tag just gets you to a list of notes, it isn’t that different from a notebook.
  2. I completely agree with @stocky2605. Tag filtering was an essential feature for how I organized my notes. This allowed me to select multiple tags, which narrowed down my list of notes. Selecting a tab from the menu on the left is not the same as filtering a list of notes. This was a huge loss with the new iOS and a core part of my daily workflow.
  3. I noticed that the "remarks" feature in the web clipper is gone on chrome. This is a huge loss. Any update on what happened and how this might be resolved would be appreciated. I've attached a screenshot of chrome without remarks and safari that has the remarks.
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