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  1. A feature I loved with Evernote prior to version 10 was the ability to drag files (e.g., pdf, images, word docs, etc..) directly on to the Evernote icon in the Mac OS dock. This would quickly trigger a new note with the file attached in the note. This feature still exists, but it is slow and difficult to trigger. I usually have to try and drag and drop a couple times or wait at least 20 seconds for a response. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Does anyone know if some of these same issues exist in Evernote 10 for mac? I'm scared to download the thing because of the feature gaps around tags in the iOS version.
  3. I also noticed that when adding notes from webpages on safari, you can no longer add tags. These missing features show a complete lack of understanding about how users manage their notes. If a tag just gets you to a list of notes, it isn’t that different from a notebook.
  4. I completely agree with @stocky2605. Tag filtering was an essential feature for how I organized my notes. This allowed me to select multiple tags, which narrowed down my list of notes. Selecting a tab from the menu on the left is not the same as filtering a list of notes. This was a huge loss with the new iOS and a core part of my daily workflow.
  5. I noticed that the "remarks" feature in the web clipper is gone on chrome. This is a huge loss. Any update on what happened and how this might be resolved would be appreciated. I've attached a screenshot of chrome without remarks and safari that has the remarks.
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