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  1. If I type quickly in the Evernote iphone app, individual letters are blocked from time to time, every second or so. Also, the cursor gets blocked for a fraction of a second every other second. This periodic stalling of the keyboard keys does not happen with other apps, e.g. Apple Note. This is probably due to the performance or efficiency of the Evenote App. I have notebooks with quite a few notes (several hundred), maybe that's why. Please check that. I like to use the Evernote app, but this stalling makes the app hard to use.
  2. Actually, it's been ten months, not two years... I still think this could be a great step forward for Evernote, and it only requires a modest effort.
  3. Dear Ash Goh, dear gazumped That is a great idea. There is a technology that can do this, and we are investigating this in one of our research projects. The open source API Lucene offers this functionality with the class "MoreLikeThis" that can find similar documents the same way Evernote can suggest similar notes. In fact, MoreLikeThis is based on document keyword extraction using a simple tf*idf score. Thus, MoreLikeThis can extract the most distinctive keywords (=tags) from existing documents (=notes) by comparing them with the document index. Automatic tagging is thus a very simple ext
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