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  1. Thanks for asking and for looking into it. Here's the problem (with Evernote premium on iPad Pro w/iPad OS14.4 and latest EN update installed, I attached a sample): 1. I open the note (as advised by you), then 2. as advised I click on edit and can edit and annotate the note BUT not the PDF within it, 3. then I click on the PDF-file in the note. The PDF opens and fills the whole screen, but 4. there's no edit option, neither are there circles, pencils or an annotation mode for the PDF itself Most grateful for any hints, best, D
  2. Hi there, has EN meanwhile enabled PDF annotation within a note? Sth a lot of users have been asking for for quite a while. If not, recommendations for alternatives to Evernote are very much appreciated. I just need some app, syncing notes accross all apple devices. Simple requirements: -annotations of PDFs JPEGs in notes possible (EN: no way obvious to me to do so), -searchable for tag words, -searchable for key words within notes, -easy transfer of all notes from EN to new app, -notes can be opened with Siri commands (doesn't work any more in SN) Als
  3. Dear Evernote guys, this discussion has been going on for months. As you can see, there is quite a lot of demand for Penultimate on the IPhone. Instead of just not commenting on this, could you possibly explain your partly paying users why you haven't introduced it? Best, D
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