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  1. Sadly, you people just don't get it! The one thing you keep failing to fix is the use of the zoom box. Bring back the ability to write in drift mode without this box.
  2. Based on the EN lack of ANY response the the complaints recently, I turned off auto renewal of EN Premium in iTunes. My Premium subscription has now expired. Thank you for ruining a good product and failing to listen to your customers. Best of luck in the future...you'll obviously need it.
  3. Unfortunately, the latest update is still a fail! Why do you insist that writing in a zoom box is actually a step forward?! You couldn't be more wrong! I patiently waited for this next update, hoping you would actually listen to your customers. Since you have proven that the company is incapable of this, I have deleted Penultimate and canceled my Premium subscription. I have gone back to Goodnotes. In addition to gaining back most of what you have taken away from us in Penultimate, I can also actually import and annotate PDF files without having to use a separate, equally limited app!
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