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  1. Hi Guys, I recently bought the Samsung Note 4 which is great. It came with a year Evernote Premium so I've been checking it out. Both S-note and Evernote have some distinct and great features, so I would like to use both applications. Both applications feature a synchronization option, which I have checked. But applications are not synchronizing and I can't figure out why. My ideal workflow would be that the hand written action memo's in S-note, are saved in text to Evernote. I was hoping this would be possible via an S-note files (action memo/s-note file/transforme to text). I was expecting to find the same notes in Evernote as in S-note after the sync option is checked. But this is not happening. Any ideas anybody? What are your best workflows for quick hand written memo's and making use of Evernote functionalities? Best regards, Costa
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