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  1. Usability of UI is way better, just great - bravo. But: 1. Interface elements are too bold 2. Give me back presentation mode 3. It's slow - I want to open the app, click + and star writing. Now I have to wait for the app as it's unusable for few first seconds 4. Weird gray - big nono 6. Where are interface themes?
  2. I make local backups of my content every month, but from last month I experience a bug: dialog-box with "Downloading Content" information - even after few hours it doesn't work. Is there any workaround? MacOS 10.12/ Ev 6.9.2 (AS). I use export all notebooks function.
  3. How does iOS 10 Evernote iMessage extension works? When I tap on a note in extension I get a error: Can't connect to Evernote. I don't even know what does this extension do.
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