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  1. I quit Evernote and deleted all data for the Evernote app on my phone via the Apps section of Android's system preferences. I relaunched Evernote and allowed it to resync everything from scratch, including downloading my offline notebooks anew. I have not seen the little "failed to send" message since so I am going to assume this did the trick. Thank you for the help, Dave-in-Decatur and PinkElephant.

    J'ai quitté Evernote et supprimé toutes les données de l'appli Evernote sur mon portable via 'Applications' dans les paramètres d'Android. Puis j'ai relancé Evernote et lui ai permis de tout resynchroniser à partir de zéro, y compris en téléchargeant à nouveau mes carnets de notes hors-ligne. Je ne vois plus le petit message échec de l'envoi depuis donc je vais supposer que cela a fait l'affaire. Merci pour l'aide, Dave-in-Decatur et PinkElephant.

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  2. 22 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

    Probably something got stuck in the phones memory.

    To clear it out, it sometimes is enough to switch the phone completely off, wait some seconds and on again.

    If this doesn’t work, try to uninstall EN, switch off / back on and reinstall the app. 

    Thanks. I did all that already and it doesn't stop the little message from appearing. There was a suggestion that even uninstalling and re-installing the app doesn't clear Evernote's cache files, so I'll try that next.

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