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  1. Ellen G. Thank you for the attention to this. NOTE: I was an early poster on this issue. It was happening months ago, long before Safari or High Sierra updates. It could be that I have a separate issue, but I tried all the workarounds offered here and none worked, as they seem not to have worked for others. Best success to you all. I hope I can use Clipper on Safari. Glenn
  2. Sounds about right. I just do without out. I wish Evernote would either get around to fixing this or letting us know it just won't work.
  3. Thank you for the reply, Guru. The cookies exception being discussed in the thread was for this forum, not the clipper. Do you (or does anyone here) know what cookie exception I'd add for Web Clipper?
  4. Hi. OS 10.12.6, Safari 10.1.2. Safari was freezing each and every time I used it. I had only one extension added: WebClipper. I removed WebClipper. Not Safari works fine. I miss WebClipper and don't want to use another browser. Anyone heard of a Safari-freezing issue caused by WebClipper?
  5. I'm stuck on Windows for the next six months. Android, too. Please give us the ability to password encrypt entire notebooks across all platforms. Think of it: "Evernote for Password Protection!" I want to keep my login information for various sites inside of Evernote, the best platform for such a task, minus the password protection we're calling for.
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