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  1. For "force sync" I simply meant pushing the sync button (next to your name). The activity log is available the 'help' menu bar option.
  2. 6.0.9 beta is required. That's when the additional logging was added. I can appreciate your concern, but frankly even the "stable" releases have quite a few bugs. This also isn't "my" solution. It's straight from the EN support team. I just thought it'd be helpful to share.
  3. This is finally solved for m, by the Evernote support and Engineering teams. The issue is with a single bad note that Evernote cannot generate a card preview for. 1) Upgrade to Evernote 6.0.9 Beta 2) Enable preview note logging. Note, this will cause note titles to show up in your Evernote activity log. In a terminal, run: defaults write com.evernote.Evernote ENNotePreviewDebuggingEnabled -bool YES 3) Quit evernote, and re-open it and force a sync 4) Go to the Evernote activity log, and look for a "Start Preview" that doesn't have a corresponding "Finish Preview" line. It's easier to spot if
  4. 106 days and counting, this is still impacting me. I've tried all of the suggestions above, but to no avail. I've canceled my premium subscription (5 years), and I'm intending to find a replacement.
  5. Evernote recently released version 6.0.6 which they told me would fix the issue. It hasn't fixed it for me. Has anyone upgraded to 6.0.6 and seen the CPU utilization go back to normal? Did you do anything besides the standard upgrade?
  6. I tried turning off the automatic sync, and it didn't change things for me. I did hear back from support, and the dev team believes they've found a fix for this specific issue. But no ETA beyond "in the next version" -- so I guess at this point it's a waiting game. I'd encourage everyone who has a similar issue to still file support requests.
  7. Another update for anyone that is following along. Evernote support confirmed this is a bug. They didn't provide an ETA for a fix, but I have replied and requested one. I would encourage anyone else experiencing a similar issue to file a support issue in an effort to raise the visibility of how prevalent this issue is amongst the user base.
  8. A quick update. The rebuilding the database option didn't work, and Evernote support has escalated this to their technical team. Thanks everyone for you input and helpful suggestions. I appreciated them. Tony
  9. At this point, I've tried moving to the Direct Download version of EN, done complete database rebuild and evernote is still pegged at 100% (after a full sync which took a while). Tony
  10. Jeff - It's happening on both my Macbook air, which is 4 years old (Core 2 Duo, I believe) and my Mac Book Pro (work laptop). I find Evernote's CPU cycle eating unacceptable as it has diminished my battery capacity, and this is clearly a new bug in 6. I don't want this to devolve into an argument about the merits of Evernote's CPU utilization. I'd rather focus on a solution. I've searched several times and have seen people complain of "slowness" but not the specific issue I'm seeing, which is what prompted me to post. I've seen some vague references to deleting my database and re-downloading
  11. Jeff - Sure, I may have been a bit dramatic. I disagree that pinning one core is acceptable. I only have two cores on my old Macbook air, so pinning one core isn't acceptable, especially when this is a new "feature" of version 6. It's a constant, multi-day process. I checked at one point and Evernote had over 24 hours of active CPU time. Tony
  12. Ever since I updated to Evernote 6 on my Mac, my CPU is constantly at 100% (1 core). I've tried updating to 6.0.5 (App Store), logging out, rebooting and logging back in. That didn't do anything at all. I've submitted a support request, and after 5 days of silence I received the very unhelpful "update to Evernote 6.0.5" response. I let them know that didn't work, but I'm not holding my breath. Have any other forum users found a work around? I've seen suggestions around deleting my Evernote database and re-syncing from the servers, but I can't find specific instructions or even whether that
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