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  1. Hi gbarry,

    I hope you're staying healthy.

    It looks as though a host of features (some of them very critical to many users) have been removed from the new release.  Are there any plans to roll back this newer version or implement the lost features?

  2. Click here Version: (thank you CalS for providing this link) Click on the "Download" button at the top right It may download "OperaSetup.exe" first, but don't run it, and simply ignore it, it'll eventually download the older version Run the install You'll now have both versions available to you Personally, I'm going to keep both versions active so I can check in on the new version periodically to see if they're changed anything.
  3. This saved me the trouble of having to look for the old install. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.
  4. This is incredible. I can't even delete a note on the Windows app anymore. Right click and then select "Move to Trash", or perform a key combination of "Ctrl + Backspace". Really Evernote? The "Delete" button on the keyboard wasn't sufficient? I work in the technical space and Evernote was a Godsend to me, due to some of it's key features like Screen Snips and Import folders. Screen Snips were specifically critical for when I was remoting in to a client's machine and annotating screen shots of issues or report modifications on the spot. Now, that feature, along with a host o
  5. Hello, I annotate many images and PDF's in EN. Of these images/pdf's there are items which are actionable. I normally indicate actionable items on an image by annotating it with an "Attention" stamp. My question is, how can I search for any notes that contain the "Attention" stamp as part of the annotation? I know I can add a checkbox to the note, and perform a search for any "To Do" items. I also know that I can use "Tags" in the same fashion. However, I'm trying to avoid having to use either of those two avenues. Can searching for a specific "Stamp" in an annotation be done?
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