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  1. I'm definitely voting to bring back the easy option of sharing a note through a simple email and not "work chat" it's misleading to the Evernote primary user and the person they're sharing with. One of my fav features of EN was that I was able to share notes EASILY via email to anyone, whether or not they used EN. Please just reserve this for business users, "work chat" does absolutely nothing for me. Luckily I scoured the forum and was able to find a loophole where I can right click and still share via email (thank God) but if it were 1 button press away that'd be ideal. The reason I don't want to use "work chat" to email a note is b/c if I share it w/ someone who doesn't user EN I'd be scared that they'd just ignore the email entirely rather than registering for an EN account. If I share the note via email using the additional sharing options, I have the peace of mind that the recipient will get the information I'm sending them within the email and won't face any barriers (attachments, user registration etc) to get the info making it quick and easy for them.
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