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  1. Had a note started on ios (latest version / iPhone x). Moved over to windows web client (windows 10) but notebook offline. typed large amount of content. Brought laptop home and connected to the internet. There's no obvious synch icon, so I hit refresh in the browser, thinking this would force a sycn and I'd incorporate the ios content with the web content, or maybe get a "which note do you want to save" message. To my dismay, it simply wiped out my content on the web note and loaded the ios note. Went through browser history thinking I could get a rendition of the unsynched note and quick copy the content but no joy. I remember a "sync issues" note from prior versions of EN that would hold this kind of "lost in space content" but didn't see that either. Is there any way to get that content back ??!! Beyond that, with unsynched content on a web note, if hitting synch or refresh will trash your content, at that point, how you are you supposed to preserve your content in EN? Brutal.
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