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  1. thanks for that... i have been onto Itunes and my old version of penultimate is there, can i remove version 6 and reinstall version 5 and bring all my notes back in if you don't know thats ok I will look into it a bit more Thanks again
  2. if anyone has not yet downloaded this new Vresion 6. whatever then DON'T DO IT!!!!, keep with your old version of penultimate and use it as it is FAR superior. This new version is so terrible it is hard to put into words on how terrible it is? you will get so frustrated you will want to remove asap and stop using it, but you remember all your notes are in there and you will loose them so you have to keep going back to using it and the nightmare starts all over again... I have wasted days to see if i can get to grips with it but I am loosing the will to live how can these idiots not see what they have done.... bring back the old version ASAP..
  3. I hate this app more than any other. version 5 was fantastic, I have also gone back to paper notes and scanning them into evernote... to say this is a step back is an understatment.. rubbish
  4. I agree with all these comments this app stinks penultimate 6 is the worst app on the market, give us the version 5 back please........... look at goodnotes the ratings on apple are very good and the ratings on Penultimate version 6 are so very bad, as it should be. it's a fool who does not listen to customer feedback.
  5. Dear Sirs. How do i put the last version back on my iPad i have tried to use this new version but it is so rubbish and i think was designed by a couple of kids who know nothing about business. The last version was fantastic,and easy to use, clean , well organised but this is so poor and all over the place. its a joke Big mistake for you me thinks Not happy at all James of Yorkshire
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