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  1. Similar request that I need to export PDF, I still don't find any solutions on it.
  2. I just got some barcode generator resources. But I want to know whether Evernote has API for integrating barcode generator library?
  3. Good! And it's not difficult to setup QR code.
  4. You can integrate the barcode scanner library to evernote with some code. The one I share has free trial, you can test it for 30 days, if you use it not for business, I think it can help you.
  5. Zxing bar code is good, and now I use a .net bar code scanner. Looking forward Evernote improve bar code feature as soon as possible.
  6. For me, I only know I can keep the bar code images and then get the file in somewhere with WIFI.
  7. I always use email to send books to kindle, and don't know how to arrange books. For bar code scanner, I've download it in app store. So happy the read the post here, especially chirmer's suggestion, I'll try IFTTT later. I believe it must be very helpful. Thank you all.
  8. Hi, axdbapoweXD Thank you for sharing your C# example. Did you know barcode and ever try to generate barcode in a c# class? Can you share me with some such C# code as well? Your help will be appreciated.
  9. Thank you for your sharing, now I'm still use iphone 5s. Looking forward your qr code app for ios 8.1.2. By the way, the fingerprinter is really good.
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