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  1. According to https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php, I should be able to search within a single notebook for "any" of several terms using a search such as: notebook:"Hot Stuff" any: mexican italianMy search looks like this: notebook:ActionPending any: tag:"!Daily" tag:"1-Now"That search seems to return ALL notes in ActionPending, as well as the notes in other notebooks with either of the listed tags. It is as though the "any" modifier is applying to the notebook as well, rather than the notebook constraining the search as the above article indicated it would. The search without the notebook modifier works fine, returning all notes in all notebooks with either of the two tags: any: tag:"!Daily" tag:"1-Now"I would appreciate any advice for how I can search for any of several tags within a single notebook. Using Evernote for Mac version 6.0.3 (451151 Direct) on Mac OSX 10.9.5
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