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  1. Unfortunately,in my Samsung's 3100,it's hard to talk about drag n'drop..For this reason, I asked this question.
  2. Since the early morning, I have been trying to install Evernote web clipper. The results are shattering. -Send yourself a reminder=> done -Did you find a source file=> yes -Did you try to open it?=> uselessly Reminders remain as they are. No web page appears. No elephant buttons to facilitate sharing. Could you tell me step-by-step how to install clipper?
  3. As he recieved his web note, he found this: 'This note contains unsupported formatting.' As he tabed on the message he found: 'This version of Evernote doesn't support inline editing of webclips. Tap each individual part to edit the content. ' What is that supposed to be? How could this be handled or fixed?
  4. I'm suffering from a vicious circle,that is summerized as follows: 1-I download the file. 2-The file is saved in my 'Download' folder. 3-Right after I open evernote and decide to add the page,it gives me list of 2-3 options,including the browser (=Opera here),when I press the button, it redirects me into a blank white window, and appears the message 'the download started'. 4-I go back to 'download' folder, I find ANOTHER file of the same type as the previous.It neither opens in Opera,nor in 'download' folder,nor in evernote. How to reach an outlet from this circle?
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