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  1. Similar issue here. I lost all Skitch notes created this year while trying to get sync up and running again. (I'm using mac with latest versions of Evernote, Skitch and Yosemite.) @geoteo, did you manage to locate your notes?
  2. Thanks to Evernote Support I have found a workaround that seems to solve all these issues: Disable recent notes in iOS's notification center widget (in EN: Settings -> General -> Recent Notes in Today) and restart EN. I have used EN now for few days without freezing or any other issues. According to EN support they are working to fix this issue.
  3. @scanandshred: EN support chat helped me today. I tried following and for now it seems to be working: 1. Force-quite the Evernote app2. Power-off and then power-on your iPhone 3. Then keep the Evernote app shut down and delete the app using the iOS Settings app (which is a way to make sure that the app data is deleted in iOS 8)Here's the instructions to delete using the iOS Settings app in iOS 8:1. Press the Home button to go to the home screen of your iOS device2. Launch the Settings app (this is the main iOS Settings app on your device)3. Tap General > Usage > Manage Storage (under the Storage heading, not the iCloud heading)4. Tap Evernote > Delete App5. Power off and power on your iOS device (very important)6. Reinstall the Evernote app from the App Store(This is to ensure that the app data has been removed when the app is deleted) (Earlier I had just deleted the app by holding down the home button and removing EN by hitting the X.) I have now done over ten syncs and experienced no problems. But it has been just about an hour since reinstalling EN so we'll see....
  4. I updated EN on iPhone yesterday to 7.6.3. Sync worked maybe few times and now all the same issues are back. The app is useless again. With iPad I can access my notes at the moment so I'm not sure if I should upgrade it.... Scanandshred, I didn't hear anything from EN after submitting my ticket until I contacted them using the support chat. I'm trying to chat with them again.
  5. Hi everybody! I have had severe problems with EN on my iPad (mini 2) and iPhone (5C) (both with latest available iOS) for a few weeks now. (I have contacted EN support earlier with ticket #842424.) Every time I open EN on my iPhone one of the following happens:1. Most of the times sync starts and app freezes. Completely. Sometimes the app crashes after a while.2. Sync starts but never ends (it gets stuck with headers or reminders). 3. Sync starts but after a while error message appears (connection timed out). 4. Sometimes sync is completed (might take up to an hour or even more). However all the notes are just blank (they have only title and tags). On iPad I run mostly on problems 3-4 and problems are less frequent than with iPhone. Sometimes iPad syncs successfully but it just takes a very long time. In airplane mode I can use the app (or could if I had offline notebooks) with both devices. I don't know if it is relevant but these problems started around the same time I reached 1000 notes. On my MacBook En works just fine! I have already tried all following multiple times (either together or separately):- Logged out & back in- Reinstalled EN- Restarted and reseted iPhone & iPad After each time I have working EN for couple of minutes (sometimes for hours or even a day) but then then problem comes back. Has any of you found a solution for this kind of problem(s)?There are some posts with similar sounding problems but it seems that I have hit the jackpot and have them all.
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