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  1. I spent two hours attempting to access the application from Google Play. It just kept "hourglassing." Then I downloaded it directly from the Evernote site... From links that advertised Handwriting Recognition... http://www.cultofandroid.com/53804/evernote-brings-handwriting-recognition-android/ . That the myth of Evernote as a handwriting recognition program exists I only need offer the opinion of one of its defenders... right in this thread : "Gazumped," above.
  2. Mr. Fries, Were the owners of this site (who are, presumably, the developers of the software) to provide actual disclosure of the functions of Evernote before someone had to spend their time struggling with it, I would not be here. Even failing that, had they provided actual help or support, I would not have burdened you with my comment. They havve, however, provided you with the title "moderator" to enable you to belittle me. On top of the fraudulent waste of my time I will remember Evernote with your additional insults.
  3. i installed Evernote on my Motorola Moto G android phone. I find no help file. No instructions. It appears to be a drawing program. I can draw (with the limitations of a capacative stylus) and save those drawings, but find no means to convert handwriting to text. There is no button, no tool menu, no icon to bring it up in Calendar or any other app in order to use it as an input device, the primary reason for handwriting recognition on devices where it is impossible to touch-type. I have clicked on everything and scoured this website for the magic instructions I have no need of a program that simply replicates the funciton of paper . I have paper for that and it fits better in more places. I would love to be proved wrong. Where are these instructions? How is it possible that the developers created such a useful app and neglected to explain how it may be utilized? How do I bring it up in Calendar?
  4. I used Calligrapher for Windows CE in the '90s and Transcriber for Pocket PC and since then with Windows phones. As far as I can determine Evernote does not work in any android application, has no instructions, no readily available help file and is not a handwriting recognition program. Evernote has wasted several hours of my time with fraudulent promises. I will be uninstalling the worthless little oddity directly.
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