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  1. Just installed this on my desktop. When I tried to relaunch Evernote it then crashed and gave me a crash report email popup. If I send or ignore that it then goes on to say do I want to reopen? Clicking yes on this causes the whole thing to crash again, which means my desktop Evernote is stuck in some endless loop of trying to open window - crashing - send crash report - reopen Evernote - crash - etc. SO much for it being an improvement. This is AWFUL. Now going to bin the desktop version and use the online and ipad versions instead. Also last time I install an update from Evernote when it comes out :angry:
  2. I've downloaded the 6.04 beta and that has improved the note opening for some notes, but not all of them which is weird. Really think Evernote need to do a massive mea culpa on this one and fall on their swords
  3. I recently downloaded v.6.03 on Mavericks and boy am I seriously regretting it. For so many years, Evernote has been the mainstay for all my work, home and uni files, thoughts etc. However, with this incredibly unusable and buggy update I have to SERIOUSLY consider ditching Evernote. One of the biggest issues I have (apart from the absolute ugliness that is the new UI) is that when I click on a note, it now takes over a minute (yes, I timed it) for the content of the note to load. What is that all about? Evernote seems to have gone the way of Apple recently with a seriously dodgy and buggy update that large numbers of people are desperately unhappy with. Does anyone else have this experience of notes not loading? Come on Evernote, time to pull your finger out. L
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