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  1. Marcus Aiu @softwaremarkus #softwaremarkus Not sure how to attention this to you... sorry I have 6.0.3 for Mac (App store) 1. The notes are taking AGES to appear - like 5 minutes... where are they? 2. Then it cannot be edited 3. and the title in the notes page editor is INFERIOR to what it was before - it'd in a tiny box now only about 25 characters wide. Sure, the characters scroll, BUT WHO WANTS A SCROLLING TITLE??? Not me!! 4. and, I was using EN for a CMS of my documents - now it's getting CRAZY IMPOSSIBLE to use 5. I was testing it to see if I would go pro, and a couple of months ago, before CRAZY I sure would have. Need the bugs out to really work so I would spend money I used to LOOOOOVE this product. Now it is hurting my work productivity seriously RSVP dude Phill
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