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  1. Dear All, I need some help regarding working on two free accounts. I have a single Evernote application and I want to use both free accounts simultaneously without logging out from the one. Please suggest how can I achieve this requirement.
  2. I really appreciate your replies and lot of my doubts have been cleared. Now based on your reply I have 2 ways to do that, 1. Either I give internet access to all of the users and they sync the note at regular interval but sync becomes very slow and sometime unresponsive. I have enough bandwidth in my organization and even after it works really slow. 2. All the users are on same LAN, will it be okay if they access the Evernote on the web instead of the desktop version. Will the sync be faster and reliable connections ? Please help me for the above.
  3. Thanks but my users are continuously updating their notes and USB wont work in my condition. Also I did not find any .enex file in the database folder and only found below extension files, .exb .exb.bak .exb.snippets I tried using shared location database however when one user sync then other user gets the error that "database is in use". I hope there should be some offline solution. Please help. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I did not understand about shared account because I am using single account for the sync process. So is there any way where multiple people can sync from the single database. Please suggest.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am looking for some offline evernote sync. I have may users who sync the evernote in their systems and face lot of problem and now my management has decided to disable the internet access for some of the users. However I need to have single location of the database from where my all users will be syncing the notes so that I will save my time and bandwidth. Please help me with the settings as it would be a great help. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, Here is the details, Windows 10 64 bit Firefox latest as well as Chrome latest Cleared cache but did not worked My partnet did not receive email even after todays effort I can not see unshare and reshare option anywhere and whenever I am creating any notebook and sharing, it shows the email automatically and I select as well but nothing heppens after that.
  7. Hello Everyone, I have been facing problems with sharing the Notebooks. I have shared one notebook with my partnet and he received the email as well however after accepting the email, he can not see that notebook anywhere in his account. I try to create new notebook and share but now it is not working anymore and I cant share any notebook with that account. We both are using Evernote on the web. Please suggest. Thank You.
  8. Thanks for your reply. User2 is logged in multiple PC's and they use to sync the notes shared by User1. My problem is when I type something to update my notes and meantime if someone (User2) syncs the note. My notes get disappeared . Can I stop auto sync in Evernote for everyone . Thanks .
  9. Hi Everyone , Hope everyone is doing good :-) I have two accounts for Evernote which is configured as below , user1@proimageexperts.com - It contains all the main Notes and shared notes with user2 Account ( View Only ) user2@proimageexperts.com - It contains only shared notes shared by user1 So basically user2 is only having the shared notes . My problem is whenever user1 is in process to update notes ( Typing ) and meantime user2 syncs his notes ,then user1 notes gets disappeared .Then user1 has to write the note again and sync. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance .
  10. Thank you so much for your help and I am sorry I am asking too many questions however just wanted to know if there is anything called pop ups .If i update any note then it should indicate us that a note has been updated. Thanks
  11. Great Thanks for the information . Just want to ask that means I can share my all Notebooks which is 3 GB around in size with my free account . Please confirm. Thanks in advance .
  12. Perfect thanks. Also I am just curious to know that currently I am the premium user and I have another account which is free. Basically I will share the notes with free account . However free account has only capacity of 60 MB whereas my account has limit of 4 GB . So my question is can I share 500 MB notebook with my free account ? .Thanks .
  13. Great thanks for the same and basically my single login is used in multiple systems where someone untentionally change the notes and it syncs to every system.i need to setup the same in a way that if i can creat the users with read only permission. Or if u can suggest any idea that would be really appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hello Everyone , I need help to do the following for my company .Please help me for this . 1. I need to create users in my evernote where there would be two users . one can edit the notes and other can not. 2. I need something like popup .Whenever admin put some comments then there should be pop ups in the user end . Thanks in advance .
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