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  1. No, could this be the issue? I'll try screenshotting in a bigger resolution and seeing what happens...
  2. Hi @Frank.dg I've just doublechecked - yes, the note information says all attachments have been indexed, and I've tried searching on all my devices, and then some - iPad, iPhone, laptop, my girlfriend's macbook, and computers at university. No luck on anything!
  3. Hey everyone, I've been trying to work this out for around two weeks now. I'm trying to use Evernote to save screenshots of webpages in Russian, and then search for specific words in those images, but it doesn't work. Through searching I've read that this particular search function does work with other languages. I've tried setting my Evernote account language settings to Russian, but still no luck. I can find Russian text that I've typed into notes, but when it comes to text in images I'm having no luck. These images have had time to reach the server, as I can find any English terms that come up, but nothing in the Cyrillic alphabet. I'm hoping to use this function as part of my Master's thesis methodology, and it's proving a disappointment that this doesn't work despite people saying that it should. Is there anything I'm missing or can do to fix this? Or is the information I've read wrong, and this particular function not available in Russian? Thank you for any help, malinkibear
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