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  1. Ok just a final update. I got the OS X version to work again. 1) I deleted it from my applications. 2) Restarted Mac 3) Downloaded a fresh install from Evernote (not the app store) Downloading Evernote | Evernote This clean install helped me get it back up and running. Seems like the updates from app store did not work as intended and there were old files left over giving me problems. Hope this helps if anyone else has similar problems.
  2. Yep restarted already, first thing i tried. Mac 6.0.3 Also deleted the application and reinstalled. I'm certain it is a Mac application problem. Just tried using the web browser version and it works no problems. Is there a way to alert the EN team about this? I'll use the web version in the mean time. Thanks lots
  3. Its a good tip, didn't think of that Still, no dice al my notes are synced no problems, even those from the web clippers.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've checked the web allowance online, same thing its well within the limit. Trash emptied and i have no conflicting change notes. I have no clue what is happening, please help.
  5. Hi guys, i'm having trouble with evernote. Everything has been working fine for 2-3 months but right now i am unable to create new notes. The upload limit reached pop up prompts me to upgrade even though i am well within the upload limit. If it is important i just came off Evernote Premium, cause i am not intending to use it much for the month of Dec (holidays!). Hope it gets resolved so i can confidently support evernote in 2015 as a premium user. Thanks
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