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  1. Both of my PC (Win 8.1 Evernote and Win7 evernote) are still sync smoothly. I think you try some ways: 1. change to other WIFI network (my Wifi use Drayteck Router modem and Linksys wifi ) 2. Change DNS to : OpenDNS or Google DNS 2.1 DNS Open ID : Use the following DNS Server Addresses, with and 2.2 DNS của google Use the following DNS Server Addresses, with and 3. The last solution that we must find other note application to replace to evernote! see link... http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_notetaking_software
  2. Both of PC has recovered itself after I try to sync its on other wifi network ! Now I thinks that the problem is in the wifi network or on the evernote server. Don't waste the time to setting on our PC. This error is not in our PC...
  3. No solution for this error.... 5 day ago, My PC can sync with evernote smoothly (Premium user), after that I get error when I try to sync......, I attempt a lot of ways like: - reinstall evernote... - update to newwest version, - UnCheck SSLin Internet option, - Rename folder evernote database and sync with empty database... - Uncheck "enable connection reuse" on Help menu... - Reinstall windows 8.1 - ask to evernote supporter - etc... All of this ... It can not solver this error...
  4. See this post https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75439-sync-problems-again-and-again/?p=332892
  5. I use evernote 5.72 on windows 8.1, I get many many sync error.... Then I set interval sync 5 mintes to sync, and turn on computer all day. Result, after 2 days, sync OK... Orther ways, Evernote suuport sent me instruction, It may be help you in some case... " Korben D. (Evernote Support) Dec 11 14:27 We just released a new beta version today that could potentially fix your sync error. Can you please install this version? The link is below: http://cdn1.evernote.com/win5/prerelease/Evernote_5.8.0.5952.exe Once you have that installed, please hold down the <<control key>> and select the Help menu. Make sure that "Enable connection reuse" is not enabled. If the error is not resolved, please send me the latest activity log and I will let the engineering team know. I appreciate your patience. Regards, Korben D." Every things now OK I love evernote again..
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