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  1. Well... bizarrely... everything is now working fine on my MacPro. I did NOT update. I am still at 6.0.3 (451151) from apple store. I think that it IS an issue of notebook updating, as has been mentioned in here. I left Evernote running over night (by accident, granted!) and since then everything works fine. There are also no more errors in my activity log. So, I think the issue is not fully updated notebooks. Anyway, I'm a happy camper.
  2. I'm on a desktop. My laptop is fine. And I am on Mavericks. I posted this already.
  3. I've signed up for the CloudHQ service that lets you move all your Evernote content over to Google Drive docs. There were advantages to EN, but the bigger advantage is being able to continue to work!
  4. I have 2 machines - a MacBook Air and a MacPro. Both are running 10.9.5 (Mavericks). Both are running 6.0.3 App Store version of Evernote. On the MacBookAir everything is fine. On the MacPro I can't edit notes, it takes minutes(!) sometimes for note content to appear. If I click to a second note and then back to the first note it takes another few minutes for it to reappear. It is like it is constantly downloading content, not saving it locally. I also cannot edit any notes on the MacPro, no matter how long I wait. I've been a loyal EN user for years but at this point I don't care about history. I need it working! Edit: Comparing 'Activity Logs' on the two machines, there are oodles (sorry for the technical language) of these errors on the macPro: ********* The Activity Log may contain information about your account and notes.* For example, the titles of some of your notes may be mentioned in this log file.* When providing log information, feel free to edit the file to remove anything* you do not want to send us.******** Version: Evernote Mac 6.0.3 (451151) Locale: en-CA OS: 10.9.5 WebKit: 537.78.2 WebCore: 537.78.1Mac Model: MacPro1,1 CPU Type: IntelCPU Count: 4CPU Speed: 2.660000 GHz RAM: 4.000000 GB Date: 2014-12-13 03:13:51 +00002014/12/13 12:13:34:898 E|*** -[ENCommonEditorWebView callJavascriptQueryCommandEnabled:] main | Expected a boolean value as result for queryCommandEnabled: title (null)2014/12/13 12:13:34:899 E|*** -[ENCommonEditorWebView callJavascriptENMethod:args:] main | Calling EN.execCommand(( changes, false, "")) failed with exception: [<DOMAbstractView 0x60800043fe80> valueForUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key EN.
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