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  1. Mitko, thanks for providing this. I just became aware of Swipes this week, and am considering using it. First, a question: if I enable integration, does Swipes have access to my entire Evernote notes, or just those with the "Swipes" tag? I'm concerned about data security... (I've been using Evernote increasingly for a few years now, and use a form of GTD/TSW (within Evernote) for todo tracking. It's working okay at best, and Swipes-Evernote integration seems like an improvement.) Looking forward to an answer!
  2. Thanks, gazumped. Sure, I'm not holding my breath on the DYMO support; if I seriously decide to use Evernote for business cards, I may just need to get their scanner. I know Evernote supports the Scansnap since they advertise that; do you know if it supports any others? But on contact sync, I think this is a reasonable request. I use both Gmail and Outlook as my primary contact database, with live sync by "Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook". While an import-only (from Evernote to Gmail/Outlook) solution could be valuable (if I didn't already have a scanner) it also causes a problem: as soon as I update a contact record in Gmail/Outlook, it would be out of date in Evernote. Out of date data (aka clutter) can be worse than no data. So I think contact sychronization with Gmail/Outlook is a requirement if Evernote expects people to use their product to manage contacts.
  3. Anyone know if Evernote plans to support the DYMO CardScan scanner for business cards? I have one, and it's pretty good. It has it's own software that stores the card images and data, and it's easy to export the data (though not image) and import it into Gmail or Outlook. But I'd much rather have it work with Evernote so when I scan a card with it, the data and image are pulled right into Evernote, and then sync'd (not just imported) with Gmail or Outlook. (I was considering just switching to the iPhone photo capture built into Evernote, but that doesn't seem to be fully reliable yet. Plus, I have a few hundred card scans from the DYMO that I'd love to import.) Feature summary: 1) Use DYMO CardScan as a business card scanner into Evernote. 2) Import (one-time) previous scans from "DYMO CardScan Executive" software. 3) Synchronize contact records (two-way) with Gmail or Outlook. I really want these features (ideally all three, but at least 1 and 3) so Evernote can be a key part of my contact / relationship management solution. Right now, it's not.
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