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  1. Thanks for a quick response. I'm on a PC, which I probably could have mentioned from the start.
  2. I want to set up my document/topic folders in other drives to mirror the Notebook structure I have set up in Evernote. As a step toward doing this, I would like to have an editable document of the entire EN structure. So far, I am finding no way to do this other than an image capture (using Snagit), but every conversion from the generated .png to Word I have tried (and I have tried many) results in an unusably imperfect document. Converting to .pdf and then to Word has the same result. Attempting to print directly to pdf or OneNote from EN directly (with just the notebook list appeari
  3. Do you have a screengrab of the black/green? I'm only seeing a snippet showing the grey/red part of your comment. Were all the items above your highlighted list grey before you clicked on the red? Were the ones in that top list that did not turn red created at a different time than the highlighted and non-highlighted that did? Or is there anything else you can think of that is different between the two sets of changed/not changed items in the top list? Have you tried highlighting everything, clicking on a single color, and then highlighting and applying a new color to the highligh
  4. Clearly we Plus members are the red-headed stepchildren of the EN family....
  5. Okay, now it's my turn to apologize for not considering my audience and differences in ways of hearing/approaching things. I apologize for that! I did not mean to single you out, or to imply that I wanted you to change anything you'd written to me 😳, but I do appreciate the time and effort you took to respond. (I'm the sort of person who does not necessarily speak in terms of action items, and who speaks in order to hash out an idea, not waiting to speak only when I've fully digested my thought and have something specific in mind to resolve it. I could bore you with MBTI (descriptiv
  6. Thanks, Dave-in-Decatur. I agree with all you said (I say this, recognizing that I might have suggested that I take issue with the EN terminology or don't understand it, which is not my position at all) and appreciate your comment!
  7. Thanks - I understand tags; I was just referring to the insistence on correcting noobs in a way that is dismissive and doesn't explain to them the differences (or similarities) to folders. Branding is great; consistent nomenclature is great; but to improve understanding (and thus adoption of the product), it might need to be spelled out without implying someone is an idiot for using more familiar terminology. And to be clear, I haven't personally experienced this and wouldn't be bothered if I had, but I've seen it over and over, and it's pretty off-putting and also often creates a communicat
  8. Your last sentence, which I assume meant to be that users "who" are unable to work with this paradigm...? Assuming that is the case, this raises an issue or two that I see all over these boards, and, to some meaningful extent, in the EN helpbase: there seems to be a presumption of a level of technical competence that is wildly unrepresentative of even those interested in technical solutions to personal knowledge management, much less the average person out there looking for a good way to keep track of things. In the universe that is non-coders/non-developers, I am probably in the t
  9. I actually clicked on the offer to see what that would make the cost be (I couldn't recall off-hand), and I got a message that I was not eligible for the offer. I am currently a Plus member.
  10. +1000 It is important to me that my documents across platforms and across applications have a consistent look and feel. I use Calibri everywhere - and somehow that seems also to have become a default on a broad scale for modern, streamlined but stylish documents, so it's not like I'm hoping for Papyrus or a rare custom design. It's probably a deal-breaker for me to lose the ability to retain the fonts all my existing documents have and all of the documents I generate on other services have. I do not understand why EN would want to take a step backward to the very basic and dated-looking fo
  11. Ugh, so you have to scroll to see a key identifier/how and where the note fits into my taxonomy. Having those at the top of the note make it easy to run your eyes over them in no time/at any time as a matter of course. Putting them at the bottom means a deliberate effort to scroll down to check that the tags I have are the ones I want. From a basic QA and user-friendly perspective, they should be at the top.
  12. I realize this post and its replies are several months old, but I have some follow-up questions, if someone can help. 1. DTLow mentioned they were able, on a Mac, to put tags in hierarchies. Is that something possible only on a Mac, or is it an EN feature I should be able to find on Widnows app/website? I have not seen anythign on it and would like to do it. 2. I also saw that someone else talked just about applying multiple tags, which I can do, but I would like to get a visual of the hierarchy, so I can more easily ensure consistency of the hierarchy workaround and don't have
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