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  1. THanks for the feedback, appreciated TRevor
  2. Hi been playing with Evernote for a few months and really like it. Although I currently have a premium account for a year courtesy of my mobile supplier. Don't think I could justify another subscription service on a limited budget. I've just started using a doxie scanner and would ideally like to use with Evernote but I'm struggling a little with workflow. Currently I 1 scan the document(s) 2 connect scanner to PC via USB to view/rename in doxie app 3 send to Evernote 4 file in Evernote I have a Wi-Fi card for scanner but doxie says that scans done that way cannot be searchable PDFs? Am I missing something obvious? Also once scanned and uploaded how do I manage/reconcile electronic copies with paper. There are some scans that for various reasons I also need to keep paper copies of. I'm scanning these so I have easier access from multiple locations. There are others that I'm nervous to shred in case for some reason I can't access e copies. On well think that's quite enough for my first post. Nice to meet use all. Btw resources mix of windows/android. Use to be quite a Mac advocate though could never justify UK prices. Now been usin DOS/window's so long difficult to break ties after 30 something years lol Trevor
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