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  1. My 2nd posting. My first post was a few years ago (?!). I'm a premium subscriber, but Evernote's apathy to it's paying customers is appalling. Like everyone else, year over year, I see this thread continue on. Evernote, if you're listening or reading this forum, note that like many other paying customers, I'm looking elsewhere. I don't think I'll renew my yearly membership with you any longer.
  2. +1 for dark mode and code snippet highlighting!
  3. By the way, my Evernote just crashed. And it seems to have messed up the Atlas data. Either the Atlas data is lost or there's a bug. Because, now only 1 out of my 300+ notes shows up on the atlas. The screen shots on Imgur show what it looks like now. (Obviously, the blurring and squiggles are my work to get a bit of privacy on my location), but it's all black and only shows 1 note! I have submitted a ticket online. Edit: Upon rebooting, the issues seems to have resolved itself....
  4. I haven't actually. Let me look into this.
  5. Fantastic update! Good features that have increased the usability significantly. I have a feature request: I want a facility to create 'Smart Collections', just like in Lightroom. There are many times when I want to work on a group of notes that share a tag set. (I use tagging as my primary method of categorization, with only a few Notebooks in play). So for example: I always want a group of notes that share the tags: Recipe, Italian, Quick & Easy to live together in a Collection. Anytime I create a note with these three tags, it automatically gets added to this Smart Collection. Makes for a quick one-stop shop. Just like in Lightroom, I want to be able to create all sorts of criteria for a Smart Collection. For ex: Collect all notes created in Jan-Jun 2015 with tags A and (B or C) without tag D which hold PDF file. Or Collect all notes from Notebook-A if created in location: Chicago, IL last year.
  6. Yes. Came here to say this. Why did you have to change what you had? It was quite awesome. The new interface... not so much. Definitely allow users to customize the interface. I love the color and font choices on the iphone's evernote app. Bring that to the desktop!
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