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  1. thank you DTLow for your question! 🙂 you are right... ich reinstalled the older version right before you asked... and everything runs as usual again.. hopefully long enough. THANK you Evernotes for your links and care... think I can live with the older version... it's like a part of my body... did not need any design upgrades.. the offered functionality of EN 6.25 has been always sufficient and powerful enough...
  2. Hi Evernotes 🙂 I AM DESPERATE! Is there any reaction by evernote? For more than ten years i've been using the import folder feature as a main thing in my daily work... I even chose a Windows OS because of that... (!) I was lucky of being able to downgrade with your help (link above) !!! WHAT A MESS!! My whole workflow is essentially gone with the deletion of the import folder feature. Hope that version 6.25.1 will operate in the future... I won't install evernote 10. Now I think about moving to other software solutions which offer the folder monitoring option.... d
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