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  1. Hello again. So I played with the app a bit and found some interesting things that might help with the repro. I discovered that when I first edit a note the changes get saved either by just pressing the done button or the save button. But when I try to edit for the second time then the issue presents itself. I also tested the issue with new notes. The first note I created allowed me to successfully edit 4 times (each time I saved the note by pressing "done"). However, every new note after that I was only able to make an edit once, the second time would only revert to the last edit. I tried this with both "save" and "done" and the issue was the same. At least the new notes get saved after I create them with just pressing the done button. When I first had this issue several months ago my new notes would only get saved if I pressed the save or home button. By the way I only tested text notes, which is all I really use. I haven't tested any other types of notes. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi all. I have the same issue. I'm running version 6.2.1. I had this issue before and after some time (and possibly an update) the issue was gone. Today I began having the same issue again. It's strange because this is a note I have been editing for the past couple of days, but today out of the blue it started happening again. I do everything just as the others here have posted. Open the note Click the edit icon Erase and add more text Then I tried different options- Press the home button which automatically saves the note (when I first had this issue several months ago this method was my work around, but now that doesn't work anymore) Press the save button (at which point the note saved message pops up and there is no change/revert to old note at this point) Then I press the done button and that's when the note reverts back to the old version. I also tried just pressing the done button without manually saving, which use to automatically save the new edits, but that doesn't work either. I haven't tried editing any other notes today, but when I first had this issue (about 2-3 months ago) it happened on every note I edited and on different devices. And at that time if I created a new note without manually saving it (just pressing the done button) the note wouldn't get saved and it was lost for good. I'll play with the app some more and if I find some more info that is relevant I will post it to help you guys at evernote fix it. Is the beta version newer than what I have (6.2.1)?
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